Automotive journalist's son crashes $180,000 test car

Peter Cheney of the Globe and Mail wrote a piece about how his teenage son drove a $180,000 test Porsche through the garage door, causing $11,000 damage to the vehicle. Cheney's article includes other humorous stories of kids wreaking havoc:

201005261241As the dust settled, my wife and I confronted the parenting issues that attended the disaster. What was the appropriate punishment for a boy who trashes a car worth $180,000? Friends were flooding us with stories of costly child screw-ups – like the son who flushed an action figure down a toilet, creating a deluge that caused more than $100,000 damage to their house. A colleague told me how she damaged her parent's brand-new van – she got distracted and rear-ended a truck filled with huge stones (driven by two women who were starting a rock garden project.)

I recalled a childhood friend who rolled a bowling ball off a garage roof (it seemed like a good idea at the time) only to have it land on his father's newly restored Porsche 356. Another had totalled the family Mercedes by taking it out of gear and pulling off the handbrake – he jumped out as the car began to roll, and watched helplessly as it headed down their steeply sloped driveway, across the street, and into a ravine.

Globe journalist's son crashes $180,000 Porsche (Thanks, Alan!)