"We Are The World" viral parody from Israelis who support military's stance on flotilla fiasco

The Awl points to this "We Are The World" internet video parody from Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick and friends who support the Israeli government's stance on the flotilla fiasco. Even setting politics aside, it is to squirm.

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World (YouTube, via The Awl)

Related updates: CNN reports that autopsies confirm all 9 activists who died in the raid were shot to death, one by "extremely close-range gunshot" to the head. A Canadian activist who survived maintains the activists were unarmed, and were fired upon by "machine-guns on the helicopter." And in the New York Times, details about American "subplots" in the flotilla story, including the story of one US citizen who was shot to death. A new group of activists is again testing the Israeli blockade: their ships carrying aid are due to arrive Saturday morning local time. Their ship is The Rachel Corrie. Oof, that's gonna end well.