Saturday in L.A.: comedy show by Second City vets

For years I've been banging around helping the Boingers out with odd jobs - and regardless of how many times someone has said "That's really neat - you should blog it!" I've always run screaming.

This show is more than worth sharing...

If you are in Los Angeles this Saturday, June 12th, you have the opportunity to see two of the damn funniest people ever to take the stage, Jane Morris and Fred Kaz, in their show "All of These Things are True but Some of Them Never Happened." Both are long-time veterans of the Second City, writers, directors, and in Fred's case one of the most amazing jazz musicians you'll ever have the pleasure of hearing.

Jane, a founder of the Second City's E.T.C. a stage, film and TV performer, director, and comedy club owner has six stories to tell. All of them are based on true stories, veer off into the strange. She'll take you on an incredible tour of the bizarre and ironic as she explains such things as why everyone needs a new head or how divorce and theoretical physics are inter-related.

Each piece performed by Jane is then tied together by the music and storytelling of Fred Kaz. Fred is truly a master, if not the master. For thirty years, Fred served as musical director of the Second City Chicago. His music brings the comedy alive. Fred is an incredibly accomplished composer, writer, director and jazz pianist. Above is Fred playing at the Fanatic Salon last year. not the greatest quality but it gives you an idea. You can also find some of his jazz on his site, and his album "Eastern Exposure" can be had on iTunes.

Jane and Fred are planning to take the show to Chicago and New York in the near future and this may be the last time they run it in LA for a while. The theater, the Fanatic Salon, is a small and intimate venue - you couldn't pick a better spot.

"All of These Things are True but Some of Them Never Happened" plays at the Fanatic Salon at 8pm this Saturday, June 12th, 2010. The fanaticSalon is located at 3815 Sawtelle Blvd. in Culver City on the SW corner of Venice and Sawtelle. For more info, call 310.622.2046.

A rare treat.