Painted ukuleles in the Boing Boing Bazaar


Shelley Rickey (who made a great cigar box ukulele) has a store in the Makers Marker that sells ukulele-related merchandise, including some great hand painted instruments.

This beautiful uke was customized by the wonderful Marc Kolle. Marc is an illustrator often featured in prominent newspapers, magazines and web-media. We are very proud to have him as part of 'The Jumping Flea Market Team'.

The Latin on the front of the Ukulele says, 'The Sun Shines For All Of Us', thus, the Barefoot Angel in Green Pastures and The Poor Devil upon Scorched Earth are both turning towards it. On the back, the musical notes from 'Keep On The Sunny Side' form a halo around St. Ukulelus, The Patron Saint of Ukuleles. He has a flask of fine brandy tucked into his belt and at his feet lay his humble pay.

The Jumping Flea Market