Operation BP: Bullsh*t Plug (free print-and-play game)

Andrew Sheerin of TerrorBull Games (makers of the beloved War on Terror board game) have created a free print-and-play game called Operation BP: Bullshit Plug.

 Games Printandplay Bullshitplug Bullshitplug1653X2339This game is for two players. Each player takes a role – either 'BP' or 'The Public' and each player has two cards that represent two possible strategies. BP is trying to shore up its dwindling share price, while the public just want the leak plugged. Both players pick a strategy and play it face down, simultaneously. These are then revealed and the effects on the share price and the leak are worked out. This action is then repeated until the game ends. It's very simple, takes just a few minutes to play, but is also quite devilish and deceiving.

For the game-design/psychology geeks among you, Operation BP: Bullshit Plug is (as you probably know if you're a game-design/psychology geek) actually a variant of the classic Prisoner's Dilemma. In fact, it's a re-iterative prisoner's dilemma with a non-finite amount of iterations (although the iterations can safely be presumed to be fairly low in number). This makes co-operation in the game rather difficult.

Operation BP: Bullshit Plug