ORGCon: London, July 24 — book now!

Michael from the UK Open Rights Group sez,

James Boyle, Cory Doctorow and Tom Watson are heading up the first ever conference dedicated to digital rights in the UK, to be held July 24 in London. Top of the agenda at ORGCon is tackling the Digital Economy Act and the new Government.

Sessions will include:

– James Boyle on the future of copyright, in London especially for this talk
– Cory Doctorow talk and panel on how artists can make copyright work for them
– What MPs are doing about Digital Economy Act (Tom Watson, Eric Joyce, Julian Huppert)
– What does the 'Right to Data' mean? (Heather Brooke, Rufus Pollock)
– Opening up the Data Protection Directive: Can of Worms or Opportunity (Privacy International)
– Dismantling the Database State (No2ID)
– Theft! A History of Music (Jennifer Jenkins)

ORGCon: July 24

(Thanks, Michael!)