Teacher cuts student's picture out of every copy of the yearbook

A high school in British Columbia is reprinting its yearbooks after a teacher used a pair of scissors to cut out the picture of a student whose quote he objected to from every copy in the print-run:

Teacher Ken Piercy, who was in charge of the yearbook committee, cut out Brandon's photo and comment because he said the boy had falsely accused the principal of spending money on a fence instead of textbooks.

"I will not allow anything to be published that is hurtful and untrue," Piercy stated in an insert placed in the defaced yearbooks.

The fence was installed by the district, not the principal. Barr said Brandon will be asked to submit a new comment for the reprint.

B.C. school yearbooks to be reprinted after teacher cut out student's photo

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(Image: Marcel Tetrault/Comox Valley Echo, Canwest News Service)