Chris Arkenberg: Thanks and sayonara!


I've had a great week here at Boing Boing! It's been fun, educational, and a little bit nerve-wracking. And it's been a great opportunity to promote some of the minds & ideas that are inspiring me. Thanks to the staff for supporting me as a guest blogger, and special thanks to David Pescovitz who is just about as nice a guy as you could imagine.

Here's my own self promotion before I depart:
I post all original content semi-regularly on my blog URBEINGRECORDED. I'm very active and trading a lot of sweat equity but I'm technically unemployed. Here's my LinkedIn.

I make music – mostly electronic but across diverse genres. My currently-posted works are at N8UR, including originals and a bunch of remixes. I'm very proud of my Radiohead remix so if Thom or Johnny are reading this (or anyone who knows them), please give it a listen. My most recent published work is an E.P. called Western Rains, embedded below.

<a href="">brahman by Chris23</a>

Also, related, my friend Jamie Wyatt is a great singer & songwriter.

I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. – one of my favorite places in the world. For someone like me who's mostly city-phobic (though I love to travel to mega-cities) I thrive in this idyllic community of redwood mountains, beautiful farms, and some of the best surf in the world. It's a fantastic community fortunate to be both near the SF Bay Area and also geographically insulated from the hustle & bustle. Someday I imagine myself working more closely with the city in some capacity.

So, here are some local Santa Cruz promotions:

Route 1 Farms – Great peeps and regulars at our local Farmer's Markets.
Architect Mark Primack – former city council member, commercial & residential architect with a fondness for concrete and steel, and a great speaker on urban planning & development. Also tender of the Tree Circus.
Jeff Traugott Guitars – simply amazing high-end guitars that I'll never be able to afford. Players include John Mayer & Charlie Hunter.
Santa Cruz Guitar Company – excellent luthiers and slightly more affordable.
O'Neill surf – an iconic global brand, born and raised in Santa Cruz.
The Cinematic Syndicate – local film group doing exceptional work.
NextSpace Co-working & Innovation – great peeps and a great work space designed by Mark Primack. Also just opened a space in SF.
The Santa Cruz Design & Innovation Center – an incubator & promoter of local Santa Cruz design.
Quiddities – design & dev committed to building community communication platforms.
The Tannery Arts Center – "a first-in-the-nation art community that provides a sustainable, accessible and vibrant home for the arts in Santa Cruz County"
UCSC Biomolecular Engineering & Genomics – some of the best in the world.
UCSC Astronomy & Astrophysics – also one of the best in the world.

I could blog all this stuff here for, like, the next month but here are a few of my current video entertainment faves before I go… Nothing too radical or underground – just stuff I love and quote relentlessly:
Sealab 2021
Archer – From the Sealab folks, featuring H. Jon Benjamin (Coach McGurk in Home Movies) and Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development).
The Mighty Boosh – I can not get enough!

Thanks so much! I'll leave you all with this clip from The Boosh: