John Hodgman, Neil Gaiman and OK Go's Damian Kulash sing "So Happy Together"

But wait, that's not all! John Hodgman is playing a ukulele! All we need is for a unicorn to walk out on stage wearing some steampunk headgear and I'm pretty sure this video would have the BoingBoing demographic in the bag, man.

The song starts at about 4 minutes in.

Where, you may ask, do such wonderful things happen. Why, St. Paul, Minnesota. Of course. This video was filmed last Friday at WITS, a fabulous Minnesota Public Radio series that features famous writers, fun tunes, laughing and sing-a-longs. Host John Moe was kind enough to invite me to watch this episode in person so, technically, I'm singing on the video as well. I'll have you know that I do a mean "Bah ba bah baaaa baaaaa baaa."

Oh, and one final thing, the guy doing the actual verses of the song is Seattle musician John Roderick, whose voice I absolutely loved, both on this song and another one he sang during the show, called "Not Moving to Portland".

You can watch WITS online, or listen to the Hodgman/Gaiman/Kulash spectacular when it airs on the radio (both online streaming and otherwise) on August 1.