ASCAP raising money to fight Free Culture

Fred says:

Memehacker, and composer Mike Rugnetta just received a note from the collecting society ASCAP soliciting funds to fight Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, and the EFF.

According to ASCAP, these organizations are mobilizing to undermine ASCAP members' copyrights because they want all music to be free.

Which, if you know anything about the kind of nuanced reform work these organizations do, is a pretty gross exaggeration.

The letter reads like a McCarthy-era scaremongering pitch to solicit funds from composers and musicians bewildered by the current pace of music industry evolution.

Read part 1 of the letter here, and part 2 here.

Blogger Molly Sheridan wrote a post asking ASCAP members how it sits with them, so if you're a current ASCAP member, chime in.

Or better yet, take a minute to donate to Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, and the EFF.

ASCAP is trying to raise money to fight Free Culture. No lie.

(Thanks, Fred!)