Immortality for $10, courtesy of Michael Swanwick

Eileen Gunn sez,

The Clarion West Writers Workshop has started their annual Write-a-thon fundraiser, and celebrated science fiction writer Michael Swanwick is offering the chance to appear in a Swanwick short-short for a paltry $10.

Michael has pledged to write a piece of flash fiction or a podcast every day of the workshop, and everyone who donates $10 or more to support him can ask that he include their name in one of the 42 stories. (This is a limited offer: he will write only 42 stories.)

So far, he's written three stories, but many more are pledged: you can read them on the Clarion West Forum. The first two feature (and gently josh) SF writers Pat Cadigan and Eileen Gunn, and the third story sweetly and spectacularly honors a friend of writer Kelley Eskridge.

To get your own personal Swanwick story, donate $10 to Clarion West on Michael Swanwick's page (via PayPal or check), and follow the directions listed under "Goals.".

Clarion West's sister workshop, Clarion, is doing its first Write-a-thon this year as well.

(Image: Michael Swanwick, Kyle Cassidy/Wikimedia Commons)