Indie Games Festival opens 2011 submissions, adds mobile games


Finally, I can show off what's been keeping me so preoccupied for the past week (and all morning as well!), as we announce the opening of the 2011 Independent Games Festival and explain all the changes we've prepared for its 13th year.

Chief amongst those is the addition of a new category for iPhone/iPad, DS, PSP and all other mobile devices (ie. Android), as well as allowing those mobile games to compete in all categories, as handheld games have matured to the point where they can compete with their PC/console counterparts. Previously, those games were confined to the IGF Mobile competition, which is now entirely folded into the main IGF.

But we've also expanded the focus on art/games, with more finalists in the Nuovo category -- a category specifically for more experimental games, like last year's Nuovo winner Tuning (above), from the aforementioned Cactus.

Over here I've discussed the full list of changes to this year's IGF (including some inside-baseball type changes to the judging system, of interest particularly to indie devs keen to enter). If you're spurred on to enter yourself, all the submission info you need is over here.

Looking forward to a wicked festival this year, and hope to see your game included!

2011 Independent Games Festival Opens Submissions, Adds Mobile Category, Expands Experimental Focus []