Video about hand carved cawl spoons

I like this video about hand carved cawl spoons. The gent in the video says he hates eating cawl with anything but a hand carved cawl spoon. If I were a cawl eater I would feel the same way.

Cawl, the national stew of wales was traditionally eaten with wooden spoons in some areas of wales. The spoons that Mansel shows in this video were made by his wife's uncle who died about 15 years ago. His hobby was making spoons. I made my first spoon, a love spoon about 10 years ago. A couple of years ago I took Welsh Classes, and this caused me to think about 'Welsh identity' and became curious about the more domestic, everyday version of the handmade spoon, like the ones I saw in an antique market in Llandeilo. I then started experimenting with carving spoons.