The War Project: Susannah Breslin launches Iraq/Afghan war vet interview series


Freelance journalist, photographer, and former Boing Boing guestblogger Susannah Breslin has launched a major new endeavor: The War Project. I've seen it develop over many months, and I'm so excited to see it go live today.

The first piece: Staff Sgt. Fred Minnick. He's out of the military now but was deployed to Iraq as an Army photojournalist. Here's his personal website. He wrote the book Camera Boy: An Army Journalist's War in Iraq.

Here's Susannah's post on the project, which includes some background.

Susannah is also interested in connecting with more Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who may be interested in being interviewed for the project (she is only interviewing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, not vets of other wars).

Susannah takes all the photos, and the site was designed by Chris Bishop.

Follow The War Project on Twitter to get alerts when a new interview goes live: @TheWarProject. Do go have a look, and check back as more interviews are added. This is critical, valuable material, and I can't think of any journalist better equipped to present these stories than Susannah.