Two-headed albino snake in Venice freak show


This is Lenny and Squiggy, a two-headed albino hognose snake. Lenny and Squiggy now live at the Venice Beach Freakshow. Proprietor Todd Ray paid $20,000 for the animal(s). From AOL News:

When he initially contacted the Virginia-based owner, who breeds snakes as a hobbyist, the two-headed baby had yet to eat. Fortunately, Ray has experience feeding and caring for two-headed creatures, so he offered some pointers on serving pinky mice to the newborn.

"After about a month and a half it had not eaten," Ray said. "I thought it was going to die. I said, 'You have to force feed it or it'll die.' So he did and it finally took the little mouse."

Conversations continued over the ensuing months to ensure that the snake was eating and thriving. Eventually it began to gobble up the mice on a regular basis, and Ray made the deal.

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Two-Headed Albino Snake is Venice Beach's Newest Freak