Vote to repeal Britain's Digital Economy Act!

Jonathan sez, "The UK government has set up a website asking for suggestions to include in their upcoming Great Repeal Bill, the intention of which is to reverse the damage the previous government has done to civil liberties in the country.

Obviously, one of the items is the Digital Economy Act."

The site's groaning under heavy load (and, bizarrely, throwing up old Amiga error codes!), but I'm going to keep on trying to sign up for it if it takes all day. For the short-attentions-spanned: The Digital Economy Act is punishing copyright legislation rammed through without any real Parliamentary debate; it includes disconnection of whole families from the Internet on the unproven accusation of copyright infringement as well as a de facto prohibition on open wireless networks (lest you use them to anonymously infringe upon copyright).

Repeal the Digital Economy Bill

(Thanks, Jonathan!)