Advice for girls from Kotex, March 1953

Here's some handy lifestyle advice for ambitious young women from the March, 1953 issue of Cosmo, courtesy of Kotex:

What to do about the Spaniel Type?
_ Rush away screaming _ Linger and learn

Adoring Egbert --always underfoot! A good kid, but you don't get his message: you're too busy torching for frost-hearted Ted. Should you ditch Eggie? Better linger. You'll learn how to charm other gents. And at trying times, learn about poise from Kotex and that safety center-- (your extra protection). In all 3 absorbencies: Regular, Junior, Super.

More women choose KOTEX* than all other sanitary napkins P.S. Have you tried new Delsey* toilet tissue --now nicer than ever! Each tissue tears off evenly--no shredding. It's luxuriously soft and absorbent -- like Kleenex* tissues. And Delsey's double-ply for extra strength.

Are you in the know? (Mar, 1953)