Disneyland Indiana Jones ride recreated as Left 4 Dead level

Jeremy sez, "This fan/game modder faithfully recreated the Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland as part of a map pack for Left 4 Dead, a great zombie-slaying coop game from Valve.

It's amazing how long and well-engineered to lessen boredom the line area is for the ride–something I didn't notice in the park itself, but which stands out when watching the video."

Yeah, that queue is not only entertaining, but it also takes you outside of the park, under the railroad berm and into the anonymous "go-away green" box in the parking lot where the ride is actually situated, along with many other later rides built after the park ran out of space (Haunted Mansion, Pirates, etc).

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies freeride

(Thanks, Jeremiah!)