Bandai's new model of Space Shuttle Endeavour


Cutaway views of the Endeavour collectible, the second in Bandai's "Super Alloy" series

Bandai Co.'s toy-making division today announced that on on December 3, 2010, the company will release a zinc alloy 1/144-scale model of the U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavour. In 1992, astronaut Mamoru Mohri was its first Japanese payload specialist. Endeavour will fly its final mission—which will also be the final mission of the entire Space Shuttle program—in 2011. editor Robert Pearlman writes,

The 47,250 yen ($540 US) model includes removable panels exposing the crew cabin flight- and mid-decks, as well as the orbital maneuvering system tanks. Endeavour can separate from the twin solid rocket boosters and external tank, open its payload bay (included are a Spacelab pallet and Mulit-Purpose Logistics Module) and deploy its landing gear and tail-mounted speed brake.

This will be the second in Banda's "super alloy" collectible series: in March, the company released an Apollo II Saturn V.

Bandai to release U.S. space shuttle Endeavour model (Collect Space)

More product images on the Bandai distribution website.

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