Security theater tees

Big Brother Tees, sporting a variety of slogans relevant to airport security: "Nobody is safer when you take my water," "Cast Member of Airport Security Theater," "You can only detect and respond," "Technology can't solve security problems," "Franklin's Essential Liberty," "What airport security procedures miss."

Someone will come along any moment in the comments to explain that if you get hassled for wearing one of these, it's your own fault for antagonizing them.

But let's be clear: the TSA's job is to keep airplanes safe. Criticizing the TSA does not undermine the safety of airplanes. Hurting a screener's feelings does not endanger our skies. Refusing to believe in the pseudoscience of binary explosives made in airplanes from the contents of your toothpaste tube does not constitute noncompliance with the magic-anti-terror-baggie rule.

Big Brother T-Shirts

(Thanks, Bruce!)