Analog Twitter at the Boing Boing picnic

Boing Boing reader SFslim started an impromptu Analog Twitter board at the Boing Boing picnic. Following it gives you a decent idea of some of the events that were happening on-site. Here's a transcript (it was originally offline and written in Sharpie):

Will: Because no one else wants to post first!

Tami: There's a shirt on the statue!

Jon: Here comes the balloon! Oh the humanity!

Maggie: It's HUGE!! RT @Jon Here comes the balloon. Oh the humanity! #bbpicnic

Toni: Hahaha you can do ART here!

Monica: I can has boingboing?

Andy: LOL IZ PICTURE twitpic/:)

Jeff: Every1 is so happy and mutated #Gotmeradiumlollipop

Don: This is so event-like!!

Crayonbeam: Everything is better with bubbles.

Undeadsinatra: Where da mutants at? w000t! #bbpicnic

Maggie: @Crayonbeam: Bubbles FTW #bbpicnic

Joe: RT @Tami: There's a shirt on the statue!!

Joe: Check this photo of the statue:

Calyxa: Come get a free Elemental Hexagons Oracle reading!

Nicole: SephiCAT STRIKES AGAIN in the drawing corner…

Toni: Crazy mutant weather balloon will eat our souls!

Bellcanto: This isn't menopause. This is San Francisco.

Rich: Great balloon — no Cory though!

Tami: The sun is threatening to come out — may get warm!

Toni: Oh noes it eated a tree!

Lisa: The tree has fallen #bbpicnic

Undeadsinatra: Balloon eating tree > kite eating tree

Toni: I made you a tree… but it eated it!

Jay: Steam-punk dirigable prototype crashes? This picnic is awesome!

Maggie: Most intense game of croquet I've ever seen:

Rod: Couldn't find Doughboy Meadow, had to psychically write this in viva-mind control.

Neil: Nobody brought a jackhammer?

Ravi: I will believe a man can fly at #burningman

Nub: I believe you need to be a good example or a horrible warning!

Mat: So many trees… look out for Raptors #bbpicnic

Don: Can't I be a good warning?

Will: Life needs more QR codes.

Tami: Exquisite corpse story getting longer & stronger!

Toni: Crazy air rocket-thing blows my mind as far as it blew my rocket 2px. 2 feet…crazy stuff…

Tami: There's a phone recording video on the giant balloon!

Maggie: Grilled cheese for sale! GOGOGO!!

Mat: @Maggie: SSSH! omg the cake is a lie!!!

Toni: O.M.G. I know… don't tell…

Mark: Kids and bubbles: +1 +2

Aleks: There's a fire-eater in the woods right now! 2:01pm
<----- This way
Lisa: Daisy eats fire. Check it out!

Toni: OK u guyz I gotz a question… DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES!?!?!? Fine… b that way.
A mole is crashing the party
Will: @above: who says it's not here for the picnic? :3

Toni: It's a gopher + it enjoys hallmark cards!

Daisy: This is like 8 million times better than actual Twitter (Sorry friends who work at Twitter)

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