Just look at this one-ingredient banana "ice cream"


Everybody's favorite fruit has a secret. When you freeze it, and then stick it in a food processor, a banana will whip up into a texture not unlike soft-serve ice cream.

I just made up a version of this that added a little honey and peanut butter to the basic frozen banana cream. Not everybody will dig this—my husband, for instance, wasn't a fan—but I loved it. Plus, it's such a great summer solution for vegans. (And for lazy ominvores who want a quick dessert with little work.)

My curiosity now: Why frozen bananas turn out so creamy when you beat them senseless. The Kitchn blog says it has to do with the very small amount of fat in the banana, and that makes sense. But I haven't been able to find a source to verify it. Chemistry people and food scientists, weigh in!