A spelling bee for cheaters

Dave Eggers' 826LA is hosting a fun event on August 14th — it's a spelling bee fundraiser that encourages cheating. The more money you raise, the more ways you'll be allowed to cheat. For example, $100 will get you a letter hint, but $1,000 will let you switch places with a team member when you're stuck in a rut.


The contest has some celebrities signed up, too, like Dianna Agron from Glee, John Krasinski from The Office, and Spike Jonze. Sounds like fun! Read the contest rules after the jump.

1. SIGN UP in teams of 2 or more.

2. In the days leading up to the tournament, raise money for your team

3. On game day, your team sends one representative to spell and use the funds you've raised to order from a menu of cheats:

• FREE to register*: Each team member must raise a minimum of $50 for the team to qualify to compete in the Spelling Bee. All participants who raise over $50 will get priority seating at the venue, receive a bag lunch, a copy of The Wild Things by Dave Eggers, and more. (*$25 general admission spectator tickets will be released based on availability on August 6th.)
• I before E? ($100): You may request one letter hint (limit 3 in a row).
• Ask your team ($250): Ask your team for their opinion. It's up to you whether you want to take their advice or not. Time spent consulting your team counts against your turn limit.
• Pick a new word ($500) Don't like the word you got, get a new word.
• Get a dictionary ($750): One speller may consult the dictionary before spelling the word. Time spent looking in the dictionary counts against your turn limit.
• Switch-a-Roo ($1,000): Swap places with another team member.
• Invent a word ($1,500): Spell whatever you like and, so long as you can pronounce and define it, your word advances you to the next round.
• Pass on a word, but stay in the round ($2,000): You don't even have to spell anything! You may skip to the next round.
• Automatically advance to the second round ($5,000): Any team that raises over $5,000 will automatically advance to the second round.
• Second Chance ($6,000): Spelled your word wrong? You're out! Not so fast! For $6,000 we'll let you slide one time. (For $12,000, we'll let you slide two times.)
• Immunity ($25,000): You're basically invincible! You raised $25,000!?!? You get double the cheats.

A Spelling Bee for Cheaters [826LA]

(Thanks, jlar!)