Very weird music video by Beach House

"Walk in the Park" by Baltimore dream poppers Beach House is a fine track, but the video, directed by Allen Cordell, is really something else. Deeply weird. From the breakdown of WTF provided by our friends at TuneUp:

Of course, with the inherent struggles of simply being ‘different’, Wolfie is mocked and teased by the Quartet of Normalcy. Specifically, an angry looking hominoid who slobbers on the aforementioned hottie (easily the most gruesome part of this video)… they laugh. They taunt. And then they proceed to beat the sh*t out of him.

But fear not, Hipster Lycanthropes! Our main man has got a Kingdom-of-the-Crystal-Skull-like power to dig into his chest and reveal… A SANDWICH!

Beach House's "Walk in the Park" (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)