Gone fission -- see you in September!


If you are reading this blog-post, it is because I have been kidnapped by my family and whisked away to a cottage on a Canadian lake, from which vantage I will be contemplating the loons, catching up on my reading, teaching Poesy to swim, going to the drive in, and lolling about in the grass or lazing on the dock.

Three things I will not be doing is looking at email, answering the phone, or blogging (though I have some book reviews in the queue for August, to coincide with the books' release dates).

I'll see you all again on August 29th -- and if you're in Australia, I hope to see you at the World Science Fiction Convention and Melbourne Writers Festival in early September.

Likewise, I hope to see my German friends on my September Little Brother tour, and my Dutch friends on my PICNIC and Bits of Freedom Makers launch.

In the meantime, I leave you in the expert hands of my co-editors here at Boing Boing. See you all in the autumn!

(Photo: The View from Cory's Hammock by Jtrant at Flickr, released under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0

Update: We've removed the CC-licensed image as an anonymous post at Slashdot suggests the photographer is unhappy with our usage of it here. We support the Creative Commons and will always do our best to honor the creator's interpretation of non-commerciality. Cory has gone on vacation and cannot be reached, but the photo was by a Flickr contact of his, so we think the Slashdot post may have mistakenly identified this usage as infringing. If we erred in posting it, please accept our apologies. - Rob

Update II: Pic restored. Anonymous was mistaken. - Rob