Kanye West tweets as New Yorker cartoons

Über-ostentatious and fabulously future-forward rap icon Kanye West joined Twitter last week, to much fanfare. His early 140s were—how shall we say—boldly unmodest, and unabashedly self- (and brand-) conscious. At left, a Versace cereal bowl which was the subject of one early missive.

They soon became the stuff of parody: Aziz Ansari, Mat Honan, and Budget Kanye West tweeted some real gut-busters in those first few awkward days. Even stodgy old WSJ has an opinion.

But #kanyenewyorkertweets rules them all. Here's the full Twitpic archive. Looks like most of these, certainly the best ones, are by Paul and Storm.

Everyone's a little awkward when they first join Twitter, and I commend him for writing his own material (many celebrities of his stature might hand over the task to, say, an assistant, or some Swedish girls). Kanye, if you're reading this, we love you (and I think your blog is really great). Also, Gray Goose! #ITSAPROCESS.

Update: Mr. West becomes cognizant of this meme.