An unfond farewell to San Francisco's dingy, dark, fetid Transbay Terminal

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Todd Lappin has a terrific photo essay about the soon-to-be-closed Transbay Terminal in San Francisco.

The structure has barely changed since it opened, and today an unknowing visitor might be forgiven for wondering if it hadn't been cleaned since, either. The Transbay Terminal is a dingy, depressing, and fetid place -- think New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal, but without the bustle of crowds to at least provide some vitality. This probably explains why so little nostalgia has accompanied the announcement that the Transbay Terminal will close permanently on August 7, 2010. Thereafter it will be demolished, and eventually replaced with a gleaming new facility that will be home to a César Pelli-designed high-rise tower, a 5.4 acre rooftop park, and an underground train station for (hopefully) high speed rail service to Los Angeles.

One problem -- Todd's photos are so good, he makes the Transbay Terminal look awesome.

An Unfond Farewell to San Francisco's Dingy, Dark, Fetid Transbay Terminal