Watching the world from other dimensions

Waves on the Oregon shoreline writhe unsettlingly in this experimental slit-scan style video by Don Whitaker: "I like to think that this is what you might see if you looked at our world from a spot in the fourth dimension."

Starting life as video clips shot on the coast, the footage was run through a script written in the visual programming language Processing, touted as a 'sketchbook for electronic ideas.'

"The script works by taking a vertical sliver of pixels from the source video, advancing the video one frame, grabbing another sliver of pixels, and so on through the entire source clip," Whitaker wrote on the video's description. "These slivers are then stacked horizontally to create one frame of the final clip. The animation effect is created by advancing the location of the vertical slice and repeating the stacking process."

Whitaker's usual fare avoids hyperdimensionality, but is no less beautiful for it: check out his collection of free HD stock videos of the Northwest.

Surfing the 4th Dimension [Vimeo, via Submitterator. Thanks, Kitchendon!]