Herman Miller blog on Mark's workspace

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Cerentha Harris of Herman Miller's Lifework blog interviewed me about my workspace.

How do you keep your office organized? I'm thinking here of the physical space but also your computer. Are there any particular programs you find really useful?

My lifesaver is the combination of having a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M sheet-fed scanner and the Evernote application. I scan every piece of paper that comes my way – bills, press releases, receipts, user manuals, tax papers, contracts, business cards – basically anything that's flat and fits into the hopper. The digitized files are stored in Evernote's cloud so I can access them anywhere – on my iPad, my iPhone, any computer. Evernote OCRs the documents so I can search for anything by keyword. These two things have gone a long way in uncluttering my life!

I would love to see photos of Boing Boing readers' workplaces. Please post links to them, along with tips for keeping things organized.

Inspiration: Boing Boing Founder Mark Frauenfelder