Mold-A-Rama machines at the Henry Ford Museum

Img 1355

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a pop art gallery in Takayama, Japan called Tomenosuke Syoten. On display were some wax dinosaurs made by Mold-A-Rama machines. I followed up the post with a link to an article about Mold-A-Rama machines.

Days later, I came across a bunch of Mold-A-Rama machines when I was at the Henry Ford Museum for Maker Faire Detroit. The first one I spotted was next to the Weinermoble and, naturally, it made little models of the Weinermobile. I inserted two dollars into the machine and a minute later, I was the proud owner of a piping hot model Weinermobile.

After the jump, a video of the Mold-A-Rama machine in action, more photos of Mold-A-Rama machines, and an unfortunate bust of President Lincoln.

After admiring the graceful Weinermobile, I spotted the Mold-A-Rama against the wall and made a beeline for it.

Img 1352

I was so excited that I kept putting my dollar bills into the machine the wrong way. Lucky for you, I edited that part out of the following video.

Here's the model, cast in eye-scorchingly red wax.

Img 1284

For hours of fun, compare the model above to the real Weinermobile. Can you spot the differences – there are over 800!

Img 1268

I'm sorry I didn't get a model of Rosa Parks' bus.

Img 1356

My friend Joe bought a bust of President Lincoln.

Img 3420

This is how it came out of the machine. We suspect the machine was sabotaged by a descendent of John Wilkes Booth.

Img 1360