Eyewitness account of Jet Blue flight attendant's epic flipout

"It was when we stood up to disembark – in those annoying moments when everyone is waiting to be released from the metal can we've been packed in together – that Steven Slater commandeered the p.a. system and issued his rant. 'F— you! F— all of you! I'm f—— through with this! I'VE HAD IT! I've been doing this for 28 f—— years and I can't take it anymore. And for the f—– a—–who told me to f— off: f— you! That's it! I'm done! F— you all!' At that point the older Catholic lady looked back at me and crossed herself, and I told her, 'No, that is not normal."—Heather Robinson, who was on the JetBlue flight where Steven Slater flipped out.