HPOA (HOPA?) girl "Jenny Whiteboard" is obvious troll LULZ


[about the art.]

The entire internet is going batshit over this poor girl who was oppressed at work but struck back at The Man by quitting and e-mailing around 33 photos of her writing on a whiteboard, outing her boss for playing Farmville.

The entire internet was also apparently born yesterday. Seriously, have people never seen a fake before? Because this is SCREAMING fake. In all caps.

First of all, who does something like this and doesn't post it on their own blog/tumblr/twitter but instead posts it on a comedy content site?

Second, who publicly and dramatically quits their job (with the exception of JetBlueGuy) but doesn't leave any trace of a real name or contact info for potential new employers to get in touch?

Also, 33 photos? Really? Someone is trying way too hard. Two, maybe three photos would have been a little more realistic. Five tops. 33, people? Totally fake.

And if you need more proof, the guys behind that site have done this before. And then there's also this photo casting ad, spotted by James Urbaniak on twitter which could be more proof or could be Inception-level meta pranks.

So yeah, you all just got trolled. Lulz.

UPDATE: Thanks to BillR in the comments for directing us to the actress, Elyse Porterfield's twitter stream where she confessed to playing the role of Jenny.

Twitter / Elyse Porterfield: Yes, I am Jenny (the dry e ...