World's "most prolific" bank card broker busted in France, says U.S.: but his promo cartoon lives on

This Department of Justice press release reports the arrest in France of an alleged old-timer in the international "carding" community. US Secret Service agents contacted him over ICQ, and arranged to buy more than 70 credit card numbers from him. He will soon be extradited to America.

Snip from Kim Zetter's related story at Wired News:

Vladislav Anatolievich Horohorin, 27, aka BadB, holds dual-citizenship in Ukraine and Israel and was one of the earliest members of CarderPlanet, a first of its kind Russian-language carding forum that was launched around 2002 by a group of East Europeans. CarderPlanet was shuttered in 2004, and BadB had more recently been selling his stolen goods at and on his own websites, and, where he promoted his product in lighthearted Flash cartoons like the one above.

Authorities say the network created by Horohorin and other CarderPlanet veterans is linked to "nearly every major intrusion of financial information reported to the international law enforcement community."

Above, BadB's animated calling card. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of access-device fraud and two years if found guilty of aggravated identity theft. Read the full Wired News item here: Alleged Carder 'BadB' Busted in France. Related reports: Reuters, AP, Bloomberg.