TSA digs through woman's purse and flips out over $8,000 worth of checks

Kathy Parker, a 43-year-old woman from Elkton, MD, is unhappy about the way she was searched and questioned by the TSA at the Philadelphia airport on August 8.

She says a TSA officer emptied her wallet and started going through the papers in it. When she asked the TSA officer what he was looking for, he answered, "Razor blades."

The TSA officer didn't find any razor blades, but he found a deposit slip and seven checks totalling $8,000. This discovery prompted him to call over another 3 TSA officers and two Philadelphia police officers.

After conferring with the TSA screeners, one of the Philadelphia officers told her he was there because her checks were numbered sequentially, which she says they were not.

"It's an indication you've embezzled these checks," she says the police officer told her. He also told her she appeared nervous. She hadn't before that moment, she says.

She protested when the officer started to walk away with the checks. "That's my money," she remembers saying. The officer's reply? "It's not your money."

Another choice bit:

TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said the reason Parker was selected for in-depth screening was that her actions at the airport had aroused the suspicion of a behavior detection officer, and that she continued to act "as if she feared discovery."

Read the Philly.com article for the whole unhappy story (Via Cynical-C)