Bears hung out at pot farm

A couple of pot growers near Christina Lake, British Columbia made friends with the area's black bears. When the cops raided the farm, they encountered a dozen laid-back black bears. From the Vancouver Sun:

3414766Besides the bears, some of which had cubs, the property also contained more than 1,000 marijuana plants, a young raccoon, a pot-bellied pig, a large dog, and two human residents.

Some people were feeding the bears dog food to lure them into hanging out on the property, RCMP Const. Dave Smith said…

Said Smith: "We saw no evidence they were consuming the plants."

In addition to drug charges, the couple may face charges of feeding wildlife, said Webster. But he doubted the bears were being encouraged to help guard the pot farm. He thought it was more likely "misguided good intent," adding it wasn't the first time conservation officers had been called out to the property because the residents were feeding bears.

What becomes of the bears depends on whether they easily return to their natural habitat and food sources, Webster said.

"Ten or more black bears found guarding B.C. pot farm"