Of Mosques and Men: a new Liberty Street message

[photo: Glen E. Friedman, click for larger size.]

Earlier this morning Glen E Friedman got a call from pal Russell Simmons asking for help on a new project to send a message about the current Ground Zero Mosque hullabaloo.

Glen and Russell collaborated similarly some years back on what is now known as The Liberty Street Protest [more photos, and previous BB coverage here & here]—massive antiwar signs housed in the windows of Russell's apartment, which is literally across the street from Ground Zero.

This new visual protest today occupies those very same windows. It addresses all who believe that the First Amendment and freedom of religion applies only to them.

[photo: Glen E. Friedman, click for larger size.]

Russell called Glen, Glen saw me on IM, he pinged me and we started brainstorming . I whipped up some files, and we sent them off to the printer within an hour. A few hours later, this was done.

We wanted to send a clear message about everyone living together in the same place, and felt the multi-denominational COEXIST message was a perfect to express that. We followed that up with a few other tidbits; reminders that seemed to fit the circumstances.

[photo: Glen E. Friedman, click for larger size.]

This is up now and clearly visible from anywhere around Ground Zero, but probably best from Church looking towards Liberty Street. If you happen to be around the area, check it out.

UPDATE: Glen just made a post on his own blog about this as well with a bit more of his thoughts on the issue.