Woman suspected of dumping cat in trash can under police protection

Police officers are on protective duty outside the house of Mary Bale, the 50-year old bank employee who is suspected of nonchalantly tossing a cat named Lola into a trash can. (Video here.)

Mary-Bale-Cat-TosserA Facebook page set up by Lola's appalled owners Stephanie Andrews-Mann, 24, and her husband Darryl, 26, showing footage of the attack attracted thousands of comments demanding justice.

James Barratt wrote: "I thinks we should spray her with BBQ sauce and throw her into a den of lions at the zoo."

Other comments suggested various violent fates.

Bale contacted cops after reading the comments. Officers agreed to stand guard at her home for her own safety.

The Sun: Cruel woman filmed dumping a cat in a wheelie bin has been named and shamed today