Mark Dery seeks photos for next book

BB contributor Mark Dery is seeking six photos to illustrate a forthcoming Brazilian anthology of his writing. The title is quintessential Dery: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: Essays on American Empire, Digital Culture, Posthuman Porn, and the Sexual Symbolism of Madonna's Big Toe. Deadline for submissions is Monday. This isn't for money, but love and exposure. To inspire you, here is a bit of the back-cover promo copy from the book and the cover photo, by Adam Szrotek:

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Here are essays on Star Trek fans' pornographic fantasies about the Borg, a fascist hive mind of alien man-machines; Facebook as a Limbo of the Lost for the dead souls from your high-school yearbook; George W. Bush's fear of his Inner Queer; the SUV as a totem of Ugly Americanism; the morality of wearing camo-themed fashion during wartime; why golf is a battlefield in the war between the classes; the homoerotic subtext of the Superbowl; the theme-parking of the Holocaust; the Church of Euthanasia; the hidden agendas of IQ tests; Santa's secret kinship with Satan; the sadism of dentists; why HAL, the computer in the movie 2001, was gay; the severed head as signifier; the literary merits of suicide notes; and, of course, the sexual symbolism of Madonna's big toe.

Photos wanted for Mark Dery's next book