Videos that prove the elites are really reptilian humanoids

I'm with my friend and senior editor of bOING bOING (the zine) Gareth Branwyn and he is showing me funny videos posted by people who think the world is ruled by reptilian humanoid shapeshifters (basically, the nonsense that David Icke perpetuates). The videos show politicians and other powerful people's tongue flicks, hisses, strange head tilting, and membrane eyelids that move sideways.

Commentary from video above:

'HISSSING' at 1:35…HEAD TILT at 1:38…how many times have you seen a human tilt their head like a freakin animal?…look at her nose…it flatens an the nostrils are larger and farther apart…near complete morph…

Notice everyone, body language? She points to her face. The middle man tries to cover it up…. His voice tone gives it away. The Reptile even gives a Freudian Slip…. "the whole thing feeds on itself."…and are those the twin towers in the background?…more subliminal reptilan sh*t

Reptilian shapeshifter videos on YouTube