Meet Desiré Dubounet: prolific gadget patenter and healing space medicine drag queen YouTube starlet

Robert Popper discovered this one, and suggests that it is very likely the new "Pardon Me." But oh, there's more...

Desiré Dubounet is the nom de drag of a fellow named
Bill Nelson, whose website proclaims Dubounet/Nelson to be:

The MAN Who created the term "Quantum medicine"
Who created the first "Quantum Consciousness Interface" known as QXCI
Who discovered the Xrroid process, Subspace and the Trivector field
(besides many other terms he does not know how to explain)
Who got the FDA register the first Quantum device in history called EPFX
(sorrily for him that the FDA already 19 years later found out that he misbranded it as "biofeedback" device, and now revoked the registration and declared an import ban )
Who brought Apollo 13 safely back from the moon (see details below)
Has jumped another Quantum Leap
He crossed over in female territory (also called forbidden zone in quantum theory)
And now calls himself


Video link, and Desiré's website is here.

There are many gems in Desiré's YouTube channel, not least of which is her "Sugar Coated Message To Media from Desire Dubounet."

Update: This blog post links to a number of news articles that portray the subject of this blog post as something less sympathetic: a career criminal and fraud artist:

Capitalizing on weak government oversight, they have used these devices -- some illegal, others potentially dangerous -- to drain patients' bank accounts, misdiagnose diseases, and divert critically ill people from life-saving care.