Neighbors angry about man's massive tree

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Neighbors want David Alvand of Plymouth, Devon, England to cut the lovely leyland cypress tree in his yard. In 2003, Alvand almost went to jail over a 12-foot concrete privacy wall that he ultimately was forced to remove. From The Guardian:

(Neighbors) have launched a formal complaint under antisocial behaviour legislation to force him to cut back the vast leyland cypress trees completely filling the front garden.

Planted in 1991, shortly after the 66-year-old moved into the area, the famously fast-growing trees – better known as leylandii and the source of countless previous neighbourly disputes, some turning violent – are now more than 10 metres tall.

As well as completely obscuring the front of Alvand's home, their higher branches overhang his neighbours' roofs, as well as the pavement.

One neighbour said: "That wall took years to sort out. It's been a nightmare. Now the trees are an eyesore – they block out sunlight and make the street look bad."

"Giant leylandii in suburban front garden incense neighbours" (via Fortean Times)