Tinkering School founder Gever Tulley in Buffalo, NY


My friend Gever Tulley, founder of Tinkering School, is going to Buffalo NY on October 1, 2010 for a weekend of tinkering and presentations.

Gever Tulley, author of Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do), and the founder of the Tinkering School.

Tulley's hands-on educational program teaches kids problem-solving and teamwork skills by giving them real tools and materials to build a variety of projects. A frequent speaker on TED, Gever Tulley is coming to Buffalo for the weekend to speak about what alternative education can mean to a child, the success of Tinkering School, and to lay the groundwork for a potential Tinkering School in Buffalo.

How cool is this poster!

An Evening with Gever Tulley, Founder of Tinkering School