Gorgeous mid-century-style computer stand

Hidden within is a Silverstone micro-ATX tower and all the standard components of a modern computer. Outside, the mid-century design makes Jeffrey Stephenson's latest hand-made PC enclosure a perfect fit for you-know-who's desk at SCDP.

Inspired by a challenge from a blogger at Core77 who recently profiled him, the work is vintage Stephenson, balancing a desire for authenticity against the limitations imposed by modern, heat-producing computer gear.

I grew up surrounded by this type of furniture and my favorite piece was a Curtis-Mathes stereo console that my parents purchased in 1962. For me, mid-century modern conjures up memories of woven cane speaker cloth framed in wood. It also conjures up images of geometric-paneled room dividers. I combined the two ideas into this grille design. The grille is made from 92 pieces of wood glued together into three layers and painted with a color that simulates nicotine-stained ivory.

Presented in red oak and finished with danish oil and semi-gloss brushing lacquer, all it lacks is a set of matching coasters to protect the top from whisky spills.

Mid-Century Madness [Jeffrey Stephenson]