Blu-Ray falls: HDCP key crack confirmed

Intel has confirmed that the rumored master key crack for HDCP (the high-definition video "copy protection" used in Blu-Ray, high def consoles, and many game consoles) is real. Blu-Ray and other systems that rely on HDCP are now terminally compromised.

As a practical matter, the most likely scenario for a hacker would be to create a computer chip with the master key embedded it, that could be used to decode Blu-ray discs. A software decoder is unlikely, "but I'd never say never," Waldrop said.

"It's really hard to predict 100 percent, but that seems to be the prime scenario," Waldrop said of the possibility that a chip might be created.

HDCP Master Key Confirmed; Blu-Ray Has Been Cracked

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(Image: Why I Don't Like HDCP, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from artgoeshere's photostream)