Vladimir Putin's pop propaganda theme song

"A Man Like Putin" has become the Russian prime minister's theme song played at his rallies. It is really quite a pop anthem: "I want a man like Putin, who's full of strength. I want a man like Putin, who doesn't drink. I want a man like Putin, who won't make me sad." PBS profiled the artist behind the tune, old-school Soviet rocker Alexander Yelin who initially meant it as a gag. But then Putin got really into it. From Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders:

Yelin says he wrote "A Man Like Putin" on a $300 bet to see if he could create a hit. "All I needed was the right message," he says. "What can a girl sing about? She can't sing that Putin is great. That would be stupid and it wouldn't be funny. But she can sing that everything around her sucks, and she needs a man like Putin."

"A Man Like Putin" (Thanks, Marina Gorbis!)