Intel threatens lawsuits against HDCP jailbreakers

Last week, the master key for the HDCP DRM scheme — which prevents people from connecting unapproved monitors, recorders and switches to high-def players, computers and consoles — leaked. Using this key, it is now possible to make more flexible and cheaper high-def equipment (for example, high-def recorders that save unrestricted video-files). Intel is promising to sue anyone who tries it, though:

"There are laws to protect both the intellectual property involved as well as the content that is created and owned by the content providers," said Tom Waldrop, a spokesman for the company, which developed HDCP. "Should a circumvention device be created using this information, we and others would avail ourselves, as appropriate, of those remedies."

I love the spokesmanese here: "avail ourselves, as appropriate, of those remedies" indeed! Christ, where'd this guy learn to talk, the Mistakes Were Made School For Obfuscation and Passive Voice Bullshittery?

Intel Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Uses HDCP Crack

(Image: Why I Don't Like HDCP, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from artgoeshere's photostream)