Narco news: Santa Muerte, Blog Del Narco on the radio, a torture house discovered

Above and below, photographs by National Geographic photographer Saul Schwarz, from Alma Guillermoprieto's story about the phenomenon of Santa Muerte in Mexico.

A BB feature about Blog Del Narco by fellow Boing Boing guestblogger Raul Gutierrez was the subject of a segment on the brand-new KPCC radio show hosted by Madeleine Brand (former host of NPR's "Day to Day," to which one Boinger also contributed).

You can listen to Brand's interview with Gutierrez here (or: direct MP3 link).

Also of note, related to both Los Angeles radio journalism and the drug cartels in Mexico: Warren Olney's "To the Point" program on KCRW devoted the entire show today to all things narco, and about the "¿Que Quieren De Nosotros?" editorial mentioned here earlier this week. Details on the show here: "Another High Water Mark for Drug Violence in Mexico" (or, direct MP3 link here.)

In related news, Blog Del Narco today reports of the Mexican army's discovery of a "security building" in Morelos, Mexico, which contained a wide assortment of instruments of torture and execution. The site is presumed to belong to Cártel del Pacífico Sur (CPS). Don't be afraid to click on the link, there are no gory photos there (though there are throughout the rest of the blog). Here's a robo-translation. "The house was a mess and smelly…"

More on "Santa Muerte" and the bandit saint of "Jesus Malverde:" Blog Del Narco, Frontline, a scholarly essay bu Jungwon Park from the University of Pittsburgh, and a feature on JINN/Pacific News Service.