Visit to Edward Gorey House Museum

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Morbid Anatomy's Joanna Ebenstein recently visited the Edward Gorey Museum in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. The bad news is that apparently most of his clutter of curiosities has been "edited" and "organized." The good news is that quite a few amazing bits remain. (According to the museum's site, on October 30 the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Bass River will host the 9th Annual Goreyfest & Gala. "This event will be your last chance to see Edward Gorey's remaining fifteen fur coats before they depart to the four corners of the world via our special auction.")

Joanna writes:

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Part of me wishes they had simply left the place as it was at Gorey's death, and allowed visitors the opportunity to wander around the famously idiosyncratic environment in which the man produced so many of his iconic works. However, I was quickly won over by the museum's small-town- quirky charm, and the pretty great displays, which included reproductions of his sketchbooks, amazing ephemera and souvenirs from Mystery and his Broadway production of Dracula, one of his raccoon fur coats, many of his Doubleday book covers, a number of his handmade stuffed animals, many coveted rare works such as his fantastic peepshow, and scores of other artifacts.

Morbid Anatomy visits The Edward Gorey House Museum