Sharper footage of Apollo 11 moon landing

 Space 2010 09 28 Moon-Landing-Zoom
A few minutes of "long lost" footage showing Neil Armstrong climbing down the ladder of the Apollo 11 lander will be screened next week in Australia. Apparently, it's much crisper than the footage we're all familiar with. I haven't seen the new video yet, but I already know it's fake. I can tell from the pixels. From Discovery News (NASA image above):

"NASA were using the Goldstone (California) station signal, which had its settings wrong, but in the signals being received by the Australian stations you can actually see Armstrong," he said. "In what people have seen before you can barely see Armstrong at all, you can see something black — that was his leg…"

The Armstrong footage, which has only previously been seen by Apollo veterans and other members of the astronomy community, would form part of a highlights reel of restored, digitized moonwalk footage at the awards, he added.

There was a "long detective story" involved in the search for the footage and Sarkissian said it took painstaking frame by frame work to shift the material from the deteriorating black and white film to digital format.

"Long-Lost Footage of Apollo 11 Mission Surfaces"