Stuttgart police use overwhelming force against peaceful protestors concerned about new train station

Tante sez,

"A hardline police operation against demonstrators protesting against a new railway station project in Stuttgart has shocked Germany, after more than 100 people were injured by tear gas and water cannon. German commentators argue that the police went overboard and warn of more violence to come."

The new railway station is criticized due to its immense costs, unclear financial planning and the fact that hundreds of trees that have survived 2 World Wars and more will have to be killed. The protesters were "average" people, children, teachers, senior citizens that we protesting in a legal demonstration which didn't hinder the police forces from using "water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons". More than 100 people were injured, one person lost an eye.

This extreme police violence against peaceful protesters comes with a specially bad aftertaste due to the upcoming "German Unity Day" (October 3rd) which celebrates the peaceful revolution in the German Democratic Republic 20 years ago. If the police back then had acted like the police did in Stuttgart, we'd probably still have 2 German states.

Germany Shocked by 'Disproportionate' Police Action in Stuttgart

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(Image: clipped thumbnail from this Reuters photo)